About April Morgan-Salo

I started doing some form of needlework when I was 3 or 4 years old when my mom drew on a white piece a fabric a basic flower which she taught me to do the outline stitch of embroidery.  She had my grandmother's treadle sewing machine and my sister and I were able to make doll clothes on it.  I started 4-H when I was 11 with sewing.  Over the next few years I added Knitting and embroidery to my 4-H groups.  A friend from church taught me to crochet when I was 12.  As an adult I taught myself to do cross stitch, hardanger and quilting.  I took a tatting class sometime in the 90s.  I do not sit still very well if I don't have some form of needlework, craft, or a book in front of me.

I also enjoy cooking, baking, gardening, photography, painting, playing the piano and singing.